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Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Indoor Stadium Goa, India
  • This virtual travel exhibitions can be accessed  in full virtual three dimension from just about anywhere and on any platform though we would recommend a PC/laptop experience as best for navigation.

  • This Virtual exhibition will allow for flexible participation. Exhibitors can customize their virtual booths, add videos and documents, and interact with buyers in real-time through chat functions or video meetings. Attendees can access the exhibition at their own convenience, browse through exhibitor information, and schedule appointments or meetings as per their availability.

  • Physical exhibitions typically last for a few days, but the GITM Goa 2024 virtual exhibitions will be open for seven days. This gives exhibitors and attendees more time to explore and engage with the content and offerings of the exhibition, without feeling rushed.

  • By being an online buyer, you will be making a sustainable statement as virtual exhibitions are environmentally friendly compared to physical exhibitions. They eliminate the need for travel, reduce paper waste, and minimize carbon emissions associated with organizing and attending large-scale events. An add to bag feature will allow you to download as much in formation as you may require from the sellers in order to make your collaborations.

  • You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to walk through the entire exhibition venue which will be mirrored as per the physical event or you can straight away go to a seller of interest. Click here for a complete interactive guide to help you navigate faster.

Explore key features below

A fully immersive virtual interaction in full 3D

The online virtual exhibition space will be a mirror version of the offline event with real time interactive experiences never experienced before.

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